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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Dan:

      Hi. I want to cast some small action figure weapons (really geeky but it for a pinball machine…the characters weapons break a lot because they are made from cheap plastic). Im wondering what resin or material I should use?

      My plan is to use one of your silicone molds and pour the resin almost over the weapons. I would then inject the resin (or rubber material) into the mold. Does this seem like it would work?

      Any basic supply list you could provide would be great. Also, I would need to paint them so probably a white resin?

      Thank you!

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      Katherine Swift


      What a neat project!  Here’s my thoughts:

      The simplest way I can see doing this is using the Alumilite two part mold putty to make a mold of your toy guns, then use the Alumilite Amazing Casting resin in the molds.  Links are here:

      (There is a how-to video on the mold putty on that page as well.)

      I like the mold putty because you’re only casting small parts, so you can use as much or as little putty as you would like.  The Alumilite polyurethane resin will also work well in this case because it cures quickly, and is stronger than an epoxy resin.  It should do well with pinballs!

      Since your mold putty is going to be open, you will have to cast the guns in two halves, then glue them together.  Of course, you could just do a single half if you wanted.  I don’t know how much detail you are looking for.  To inject or pour the resin into a mold to make your guns can be done, but quite frankly would be very tedious, since it would require you making a two part mold with silicone, not silicone mold putty.  I’m all for the simplest way is usually the best.

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