Molds are making my castings blurry?

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Jess:


      Ive watched some of your youtube videos and found them very helpful.

      I was wandering if you could help me with a little problem.

      I am using a silicone ice cube tray as a mold for clear epoxy resin.
      The top surface of the cube is crystal clear while the surfaces on the mold are blury in appearance.

      How do I get rid of this?
      Or do I need to use a different mold??

      Any help would really be appreciated.

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      Katherine Swift


      The surfaces are blurry because the silicone surfaces that touch the resin arent as smooth as they look.  There are two fixes to this:

      1.  You can coat your surfaces with a thin layer of resin after you pop them out of the mold.  You will have to prop them up on toothpicks (or something similar) to allow the excess resin to drip off.

      2.  You can use the Castin Craft gloss sealer spray to apply a thin coat to the finished casting.  This will give it a nice shine.

      With either method, you may need to lightly sand with a very fine grit sandpaper (1500 to 2000) before applying the resin or gloss to get make it appear as bright and shiny as possible.  Make sure your sandpaper and/or casting is wet and wear a particle mask to avoid inhaling resin dust.

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      Katherine Swift

      This video shows examples of why your resin castings are blurry or why your resin castings are cloudy:

      The resin gloss sealer spray used in the video can be purchased here:

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