My UV Resin warps/curls

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    Hello! I’m new to this and have started out with the UV Resin, not sure of the brand but comes from China I think (ordered from Amazon). Every single time each of my pieces turn up at both ends and dip in the middle so it’s like a teeter-totter. What am I doing wrong??? At first I held my uv flashlight super close for a few minutes, the ends curled up, I thought I was holding it too long and too close so shortened my time with the uv flashlight, ends still curled up, then just quickly ran the light up and down the piece but still the ends curled up, lastly I held the light about 8″ higher and ran it over the piece, it didn’t dry it out all the way so let it sit, but the ends still curled up, not quite as much. Am I doing something wrong? I’ve seen videos where people hold their light right up to their piece for minutes and theirs didn’t curl up. I am frustrated. Thank you for any help, I have searched and searched and haven’t found anything on this particular subject.

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    Katherine Swift

    I’m afraid I can’t be of much help to you. I’ve used UV resin a little bit, but haven’t run into this problem.

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    Darrian S

    I just made a piece (tried) with UV resin and I had a similar thing happen. I live in Texas so the sun is VERY bright here. I sat the piece to cure on my window sill and came back 30 minutes later to find that it has….risen in the middle? I’m using a cherry blossom mold, I cleaned i5 last night and let it dry overnight. It created a dome basically and it has like a little stub in the middle of it and also created edges towards the edges of the petals?! I mixed some glitter in and when i put the piece aside to cure it had no bubbles……
    I hope someone has answers 😭 I will post a picture for reference

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    Darrian S

    Here is a link to the pictures I took of the piece I made:

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      Katherine Swift

      Although my experience with UV resin is limited, from what I understand, it’s not meant to be used in molds. Maybe this is why?

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    Joanna Remson

    Uv resin from RJcrafts {dot} com. Does not curl your work at, including very thin pieces for earrings in example. It’s expensive but well worth it and it gives a magnificent clear glass dome effect.

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    Naideine Kirby

    I’ve been having the same issue as Sandy. However, I’ve noticed that it’s only the square and rectangular molds that seem to curl up on the ends. For now I’ve just decided to stick with rounded shapes. I haven’t had a single oval or tear drop curl on me.

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    Tracy Mcfayden

    I’m having the same problem have tried everything even trying to keep it down by uding craft clamps while curing but when I release they still curl. I have found it’s only in the bigger moulds like the ones I bought for making fridge magnets.

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