Need a temporary edging that resin will not stick to

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    Hi please help I’m trying to make a resin charm. The problem I face is I need a temporary outer edging that I can shape to my liking and will not stick to my resin. Any suggestions to what I can use.

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    Katherine Swift

    Packing tape or masking tape works well (sticky side). If not, you can melt some wax and use that.

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    I’ve seen both Silly Putty (which is silicone) used.
    Also, saw someone use silicone caulk for abstract shapes.
    I have also tried to master this challenge.
    Since making a mold with silicone caulk is not very difficult or expensive, you could potentially make a mold with your object, place the object in the mold and pour resin on top. Or use the reusable mold material seen on resin obsession..
    Without knowing what you plan to resin, don’t know if these ideas would solve your problem.
    Good luck!

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    Silicone caulk works and resin won’t stick.

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    Try hot glue on packing tape! Put Vicks on the glue once it is cooled so that it doesn’t stick.

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      Katherine Swift

      Love this.

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      Deborah Pouliot

      Hi, I don’t understand using both tape and hot glue ???

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    You can use polypropylene or polyethyleen. Those are used for packing soap (shampoo) or drinks, like milk (don’t confuse with PET).
    Resin wil not stick to it.

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