Need help figuring out how to stabilize my license plate cover!

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      Meredith Bashert

      I cast a license plate cover embedded with Lego heads in epoxy resin. When I had it out in the sun spraying it with sealant, it started becoming flexible! I know that’s not entirely preventable when using epoxy resin, but I was thinking I could maybe reinforce it in some way.

      My ideas so far:

      Glue it to a plastic license place frame

      Cast a second piece to put underneath it so that at least it’s thicker (right now it’s about a millimeter thick)

      Though I don’t know if either of those will even help! Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Meredith,

      If it were me, I would try gluing your resin to a plastic license frame. Unfortunately, epoxy resin can soften in the sun, so casting another piece to go under it isn’t going to help because it will get soft too.

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