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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes through email by Margaret:

    I make scrabble tile pendants and seal them with resin. I had made up a file box for them with felt thinking the would be safe and not get scratched or scuffed. But it turns out they actually were ruined by the covering of the felt. So my question is, Can I recoat them with resin? and if so do I need to sand the piece first so that the resin will adhere to the piece since it already has resin on it. Ive tried recoating before and the resin seems to slide off. Please help, I am so upset that so many pieces have been damaged.

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    Katherine Swift


    Heres a couple of options for you (I have had the same thing happen!):

    1.  If there is just a slight scratch or dent, you can try creating enough friction on the piece to melt the scratches out.  Ive had good luck with this on my scrabble castings when it was just small scratches.  Rub your finger or thumb over it very quickly so you create heat.  Just a warning though, if you do this on more than a couple of castings, you will create a blister on your finger.

    2.  If the scratches are deeper, but there is no pigment of fibers in the marks, you should be able to just recoat with resin.

    3.  If the marks include parts of the felt, you will need to sand and recoat the resin.

    On another side note, I store my finished scrabble pieces in storage containers I get from Rio Grande.  I keep them in segmented flocked trays, with a foam covering (it doesnt touch the resin) in a zippered case.  Hope that helps.  🙂

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    Mira Coleman

    Hi Katherine,
    I am creating tiles with resin finish and a fully-corked back. How do I easily transport these to shows and to shops? yesterday I carefully piled them with (brand-name) wax paper and this morning there is a mar on each face! Is this because the resin is recent? All the tiles have cured more than 72 hours, just.
    I tried rubbing my finger over the marks and that has helped !! But how to go forward with carrying/transporting these? Many thanks,

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      Katherine Swift

      I suggest wrapping them in wax paper, then using bubble wrap in between layers.

      What kind/brand of resin are you using?

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    Toma Ana Maria

    Hello! I am on my first resin pour on a table top, and after curing time the edges started to peel off. Don’t know why, hope you to answer me what mistakes I’ve done and how to fix it. Thanks!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi, it sounds like something on the table was acting as a mold release. Was the surface clean and free of wax or grease?

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