Need help with ResiBlast

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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes from Tina-Louise:

    I bought resi-blast through your website. I used fluid acrylic and acrylic inks. I tried first to add the resi-blast to the mixture before pouring (individual colors) then I did the second attempt adding the resi-blast to my dirty pour (all color mixed together). I also tried to add to resi blast on the top coat after pouring the colors onto my canvas. White was always included in my color combinations. I can’t get the cellular effect with Resi-blast, some tiny cells will show and disappear. PLEASE ADVICE

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Tina-Louise,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having problems. I have always had good luck mixing 2 to 3 drops per 4 to 6 ounces of mixed resin/color and getting cells. What kind of pot time are you having with your resin?

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    Aram Friedrich

    Hi Tina-Louise,

    Can you tell me which resin you are using and adding Resi-Blast to ?.



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    I am using Art Resin with Fluid acrylics and Acrylic ink

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      Katherine Swift

      Are you stirring it in? How much ResiBlast to how much resin are you using?

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    I am using Art Resin. I mixed the resin for 3 mins then add the colorants then, I add the Resi-Blast

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    Rita Batten

    Where has all the resi-Blast gone? I am unable to find it…….HELP!!!!!

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    Hi Rita –

    I was searching the forum to ask the same thing =o) I would love to try the resi-blast! It sounds fun!

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    kat armstrong

    Weirdly I had great success with resiblast this being the second time I’ve used it. The first time however, I got absolutely nothing. I added the resi blast to a dirty pour and I don’t think I got a single cell. This time however I had a batch or coloured resin that I added the re blast too, and another batch that I added to my piece after pouring the initial batch. I did use a heat gun on there which might have made a difference? And I also used quite a generous amount of resiblast. I’d advise setting aside some time to play with it, and find out how it get what your looking for. I’m. Im not entirely sure I could replicate the same effects, but I think the heat helped, and also the interaction between the non resiblast resin, and the batch I’d added it to. I hope you can be successful in your cell quest!

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