New way to save sticky resin

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      My first time casting, I used East Cast epoxy resin. I was very careful to read up on everything before starting and mixed and measured very carefully. About 60 % of my little casts came out fine the rest were either sticky or a couple were just goop. So I followed the advice that said to give the sticky ones a fresh coat. Again I was very carefull in measuring and mixing and I poured some additional molds too. The same thing happened some cured, the sticky backed ones turned to goop. I threw the goopy ones away but the next day I got an idea and fished them out of the trash. I cleaned off the goop with acetone (A long process) and was left with my original sticky castings. I decided just for fun to coat them with Modge Podge. Ive never used that before but I had a new jar so I coated the sticky parts and left them over night. To my surprise the next day they were rock hard.. Im sure this would not work on the ones that didnt cure at all and were just goop, but the ones that just have a sticky back , its worked every time. I saved all the casts I threw away other than than 3 really bad ones. I still dont know what caused that to not cure when half of them cured just fine. I hope that helps someone.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Cynthia,

      I have never tried that.  Thanks for sharing!

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        Thank you so much for sharing!! I need to try this now and hope it turns out great like yours did!!

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       I had some castings with Easy Cast that had sticky backs but were otherwise solid.  I painted the backs with Judikins glaze, and it worked beautifully. I also have tried Mod Podge clear gloss with good results since reading the post.

      Should have thought of Mod Podge sooner – I use so much of it for other things! 😉

      Rhonda J. Hunter
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       Hi All.

      I am so glad for this Forum. There is a lot to learn.
      I too have had some castings that came out very nice but very sticky or
      soft. I will try the Mod Podge and let you know how it goes. I am excited that this might save these perfect but soft and sticky castings.
      Thanks a bunch.
      Maria (
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      I used Envirotex Lite for a rather large project. At 1:30 this afternoon it will be exactly 24 hours since the epoxy was poured. I have a few spots that are hard but sticky… like tape. I DO NOT want to have to scrape anything off and redo. Can I use the Castin’ Craft Gloss Resin Sealer Spray over Envirotex? I know we followed the directions to a T… the mixing and the temperature to how long we used it. We did not scrape the sides of the bucket when pouring out the epoxy. We did scrape stir stick and the sides while stiring for the 2 mins the directions specified. Does anyone have any tips or ideas? Thank you so much for your help!

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      Abbi Dew

      Thank you so much for your help. What spray do you suggest?

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      After I thought about it that was a silly question. Thank you again. How long does it take to dry in this particular circumstance?

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      Sheree Davis

      Been casting for a while now and I found an amazing new save for tacky casts! Triple thick polyeurathane…if your cast is tacky after 24 hours then spray a light coat of triple thick, give that 30 mins a o dry and follow with a second light coat….I’ve saved some huge table tops that didn’t cure properly due to poor room temps (grrr Michigan) or improper mixing…saved a $1000 project with this method! If you spray to thick it risks clouding up so don’t do that!

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      Sheree Davis

      Be careful recoating with more resin….you risk wasting expensive resin on top of having a project that can’t be saved…they make epoxy look easy but it’s not

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