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      I recently used Pebeo’s Gedeo coloured resins. I am not experienced with resin and I am trying different colours and inclusions to get better at different techniques. When I used blue and yellow separately at the two halves of my mould, they quickly mixed in between leaving a green colour in the middle. Is there a way to prevent this? Do I need to wait for the resin to be thicker?
      Also the resin hardened completely in about 48 hours although it has a complete drying time of 24 hours. Can this be because my resin is too old?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Guliz,

      Unless you have some kind of barrier between the two colors, they will mix, even if you wait for them to get thicker.

      It sounds like your resin was cold. Cold temperatures can cause longer curing times.

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      Thank you very much for your answer. I will try warming it up a little next time.

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      I have also been using Gedeo resin for a project. I find that 2 colours stay relatively separate if you wait 3-4 hours before pouring into the mold, etc.
      I mix the resin & hardener together first, then divide the resin into 2 or more lots, then mix in the pigment, then finally set my alarm for 3 hours later.
      I check on the viscosity every 20 minutes or so, untiil I guess it’s time to cast.

      I have done some tests today with resin from Dipoxy (Germany). No need for an alarm with this stuff (RTM!)! After 20 minutes or so (it’s 19°C in my garage),
      the cardboard cups I mix in are getting almost too hot to touch! This is when you know that you’ve just missed that critical moment when the mixtures can be used.
      I had prepared 8 lots (testing different colours), but I only had time to use a couple of then. There was smoke from one mix!
      Reminded me of working with polyester resin long ago 🙂
      With this resin, I think it’s important to mix the colours at the same moment, that is, not pour a layer which will cool down & set slower, and then try to add the 2nd colour, but that will depend on what you’re trying to do.

      Back to the garage for another experiment!



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