Pendant without a mold

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    Katherine Swift


    Youre going to have to have a mold to pour the resin into.  Its not going to stay in one place.

    Without seeing the size of your piece, Im guessing the easiest way to make a mold is to use our silicone mold putty.  You can use as much or as little as you need and doesnt require an intense set up.  (There is a how-to video on that page as well.)

    You can then cast your resin into the finished putty mold.

    Share a picture of your finished pendant!

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     Thanks so much for all your information! What a treasure.

    Can I make a pendant without a mold?  I want to use an irregular shaped item and want that shape to be the shape of the finished product. Is this possible, or will the resin flow everywhere? Hope I can make what I envision.  
    Thank you.
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    Katherine Swift


    As for the leaf shaped mold, you could easily make a template with modeling clay.  (Make sure it is sulfur free.)  We have some too here:  You could also try making one from something firm like plexiglass.  This model you could then mold with silicone or silicone putty.

    As for the leaf in the resin, I have a few more questions.

    Lets assume you have your silicone mold that you made from your leaf template.  Is the surface you pour that will be next to the mold first going to be the top?  Assuming it is and assuming you want to leaf to be floating in the middle of the casting, I would suggest pouring a layer of resin that takes up about half of the mold.  Now heres where that top/bottom question is important.  If the resin that is poured next to the mold is going to be the top, you want the side of the leaf that you want seen from the top facing that side when you put it in.  (I realize I may be as clear as mud at this point.  Check out this tutorial from last week about putting in the recycled gift cards.  Im hoping you will see what I mean.

    Once you decide which side you want up, pour in a little bit of resin, then put your leaf in.  I havent tried working with leaves, so I dont know if they will sink or float.  If they sink, you can go ahead and pour more resin to weight them down.  If they float, you may want to stop, let that layer cure, then pour another layer on top.

    In case youre worried about whether or not anyone can see the layers, the answer is not likely.  You might be able to see them because you know how you created your casting, but I would say that the majority of people would never notice.

    Hope that helps!

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     Thank you for your in depth reply!! I so appreciate it.  I will be ordering this weekend and will definitely share the process and results.  So excited to try something new. 

    Thanks again!
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     Thank you!  I should have said what it was. Silly me.  I am using a pressed leaf. So, I think I could make a mold by approximating the shape of the leaf. Second question: if I want the back of the leaf to show, so it is encased in resin, do I pour a layer FIRST, let that set , then put on the leaf, then pour a top layer sealing the whole thing?  Or will the resin just go under the leaf when I pour into the mold?

    I appreciate your time and will place my order when I have a clear idea of what I need. 
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    Is it possible to make a fresh, deep pot of resin and just dip the jewelry in and out? I’m making perler bead earrings which I want to solidify in resin to make them durable and glossy.

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    Katherine Swift

    Yes, but it will drip off. You will have to sand drips off the edges once it has cured.

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