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      I am new to Resin Art. I live in Florida and the only safe place I have to mix, pour, and cure resin is outside in a covered screened in patio.

      I saw somewhere that working with UV resin outside is not recommended because the sun’s UV rays will limit the work time too much.

      Is there a way to work with UV Resin for jewelrymaking outside?

      I thought about figuring out a “working box” where I can shade the project enough to make it workable? Has anyone done this or seen it done? Any speculations on whether this could work? Any things to make sure I consider while designing this contraption?

      Any suggestions, feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thabk you.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Tad,

      My UV resin experience is limited, but I did what you describe. I poured the resin into the molds, then took outside to cure. Everything cured fine provided there was bright sunshine. I.e. a cloudy day won’t cut it.

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      Katherine, Thank you for your comment. The issue for me isn’t that I need to cure it outside, rather thst I need to pour it outside, and being that it is then exposed to the UV rays while I’m pouring… it shortens the working time significantly.

      I did try to pour it outside this weekend (It was cloudy when I was pouring) and it did begin hardening while I was working with it so I had to rush more than I would have liked. That is why I am looking for suggestions for things to try to slow the process down while I am pouring.

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