Putting non-dried flowers in resin?

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      I’m pretty new to resin (I use epoxy) and I’ve been having my fun putting flowers in resin and making pendants out of them. I don’t press or dry the flowers in any way other than wiping off excess moisture if there is any.
      Now my question is, will this have any effect on the way the flowers look in the future? I know pressed flowers turn brown if they’re not sealed, but is it the same for non-pressed flowers? I read somewhere that if the appearance doesn’t change when it’s wet, it doesn’t have to be sealed but I want to be sure of it before I continue my fun with my unpressed flowers in resin.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lily,

      Unfortunately, your flowers are going to spoil and turn brown. I always recommend sealing them before including in resin. We have several articles about how to do that here:

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