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      I have 5 sizes of a star, and gradually make the star smaller and smaller (pyrammage). I plan on adhering all stars together.

      1. If I am on the bottom star (the largest) and pour resin, do I go ahead and put the next size star on top and pour again -or –

      2. Do I pour resin on each star separately, cure, and then adhere each individually to each other with a small amount of resin (not a full pour…just use like glue) – or –

      3. Dd I just glue every star on top of each other, and do one resin pour over all of them?

      4. When I have everything glued and cured, do I put a final pour of resin on all of it?

      I assume I coat both sides of each star with two layers of white glue and let them thoroughly dry before I start the resin process?!

      Thank you!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Becky,

      You could do any of the 4 options but you’ll get different looks.

      Do you have a picture you can link to of what you’re trying to make? That will help me narrow down the possibilities.

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