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      Hi – I am new to resin art but having a lot of fun with it already. I have seen many artists torch their pieces to remove air bubbles after using alcohol inks – but when I got the ones I ordered (Pinata) I was nervous because it says it is extremely flammable. I don’t have a “shop” and do my art at the dining room table. My question is – has anyone ever had any issues with the ink igniting? The torch I have doesn’t really have a temp setting on it, just an adjustable flame – and I have been tiptoeing around this when I use alcohol inks by using a hairdryer instead but it definitely does not work as well. So, I am just curious if this has ever been an issue and should I worry about it?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jessica,

      You are proactive to be worrying about this. Alcohol inks are definitely flammable and the presence of a flame makes fire a good possibility.

      It has been my experience that if you wait several minutes after pouring, the alcohol evaporates making a flame flare up less likely when using a torch. I’ve seen several other artists on youtube show their flare ups and it looks like the alcohol burns off quickly when it does happen. (Think flaming bananas foster.) . That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be concerned. A healthy fear of fire is a good thing. 🙂 I have two fire extinguishers in my studio only several feet away from where I’m pouring.

      You might want to consider a heat gun. It’s what I like to use. It gets hot enough for my needs and is also helpful for pushing the resin around. You can find them in our store here:

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      Thank you – I was trying to research this and came across some artists who burn the alcohol ink on glass for their art pieces. I am not gonna try anything like that haha, but it did give me an idea of how the flame would go out quickly – But thank you, I think I will just wait a bit and then use the torch. I do need a heat gun but it’ll have to wait a bit. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. =)

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