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      Elizas Grammy

      Hi. Can you tell me, please, how long after my table top (epoxy resin poured over photos, etc.) has cured enough to feel solid to the touch do I have to wait before placing magazines, coasters, etc., on top of it? I was thinking that paperbacked magazines might stick?

      Also, how long must I keep my house at 80 degrees during this process? I’m dying in here! 🙂


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Elizas, it depends on the resin you are using. You need to keep the temperature up until the resin reaches a full cure. I’m guessing that is somewhere between one to two days.

      I wouldn’t put anything on it until it reaches a hard cure, which generally requires longer time. I’m guessing 5 to 7 days. (The manufacturer should be able to share this information with you too.)

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      Elizas Grammy

      Thanks, Katherine! I’m already the Hot Flash Queen, so having to keep the house this stifling is a bit of a challenge but my grandbabies’ artwork trumps my misery, ha. And thanks for the heads up, as far as placing things on the table once it’s done. I was a bit worried about putting some of my best magazines on it, only to find later that they were “stuck”. I’ll wait it out. 🙂

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      Katherine Swift

      LOL. Get the ‘can’t stand being hot’ thing. Hang tight. 🙂

Viewing 3 reply threads
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