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      2 questions:
      1. i had accidentally gotten a bit of glue on my resin coaster, so I used some alcohol pads to get it off. In the process, I think I rubbed the opposite side of the coaster too hard on the table, and there is a matte spot now. I think it essentially got sanded off on the bottom by the motion of wiping on the top. I used the casting craft sealer spray to correct this (is this the right thing to do?) and even though I used thin layers, it ended up matte and rough. Can i recoat with resin on top of this sealer spray layer?

      2. I made another coaster with a flower embedded and i didn’t realize that part of the petal was too “tall” and sticks out of the resin. the coaster mold is very shallow. how might I recoat so that every part of the flower remains below the surface of the resin? would I have to buy another mold? thank you!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi EP,

      Yes, you can recoat with another layer of resin for your first coaster. If your second coaster with the flower petal doesn’t stick out of the coaster too much, I would recoat that one too.

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      I am coating my first segmented bowl and have put 3 coats of resin on with a foam brush applicator. I am having trouble with getting joints and 1 very small pinhole to fill. Also several small, maybe 1/8″ to 1/4″ bare spots are showing up. I sand between coats but each time I re-coat the voids are still there. How do you fill very small cracks and voids with resin?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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