Resin and Beer – Drinking Horn

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      Hi, great website!

      I know there are similar questions regarding food here, but I feel the need to check the specifics of my project. Firstly, I’d like to apologise in advance for the number of small questions in this post!

      I have a ‘drinking horn’ – a real piece of animal horn that’s been hollowed out. It is not currently sealed at all. I’ve been told that it can be partially sealed by soaking it with tea, and thereby creating a layer of tannin on the inside. I was wondering if you think that resin would be a suitable and safe way to coat the inside of the horn, on top of the tannin, so that I can drink beer from it? I’m thinking light beers, and sometimes the strong belgian ales (around 11% alcohol volume).

      Obvioulsy the drinks would be cold, but in the summer there is the chance the horn could get warm when left in storage, or in a tent at festivals etc. Could this warmth pose a risk of the resin going soft/soluble?

      Do you think this would be safe, and if so, with which resin? I believe I’ve seen one mentioned here that has something like ‘amazing clear’ in its name, when others have asked about food storage etc. I’m concerned that alcohol could react with the resin or act as a solvent.

      Finally, do you have any suggestions on getting an even coating inside the horn? I’m thinking mix the resin/hardner, and then attempt to kind of swirl it around the inside of the horn? Perhaps doing the bottom, then middle, then top portion separately… Or do you think coat the whole inside in one go? Perhaps multiple layers. I could trial in an object I don’t mind ruining first!

      Sorry again about the length of the post! Just want to make sure it works, and is safe.

      I’d love to know what you think! 🙂

      Thanks so much

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Tom,

      The Alumilite Amazing clear cast epoxy is considered food safe after a full seven day cure. You can find it in our store (blue box) here:

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the technical expertise on this resin to know if it completely safe for your specific situation. If you want to contact Alumilite directly, their support is very helpful and should be able to give you more advice. You can contact Carol, head of tech support at carol [at] alumilite {dot} com.

      Good luck!

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        Thanks Katherine, this is really helpful!

        I don’t suppose you’d have any tips on the best way for me to get a good covering inside the shape of a horn? I’ve never used resin before and not sure what to expect. Is it very runny, will it cling to the surface?

        Thank you

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