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      Hi, I am new to working with resin and haven’t quite started yet because I am trying to decide the safest place to start playing/practicing. I can’t work in the garage right now because the weather is too cold (I’m afraid it wont cure properly) and don’t feel comfortable using any other rooms in my house. My question is would it be safe to work in the basement with proper PPE (respirator mask, gloves etc)? I am interested in casting flowers (I’ll be starting small with coaster size projects and then working up to bigger blocks) if that helps. Your site has been so helpful thusfar, thank you!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Gabi,

      I’m glad to hear you are concerned about resin safety. It’s something that’s important to me too!

      Unfortunately, there are so many factors at play that it’s hard for me to know if your basement is safe for working with resin. We do have some safety articles here that will give you some guidance on how to make your space safe:

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      I’ve read all the articles!
      My basement is a very big open space (at least 1000 square feet). I can get some fans but they’re just going to be circulating air in the basement (no windows to open). I can leave the space for the day until the fumes dissipate, would that be enough of a safety measure?

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      I am also wondering about basement ventilation. I do have one small window, and planned to use a couple fans to push the fumes out.
      My husband was also thinking we could use a hood van to a stove to suck the fumes away from my work area, and out of the small window.
      I have small dogs and cats, and they usually are with me wherever I go. Someone posted that the fumes sink to the floor and are harmful to pets, is that true?
      I am also new, and haven’t started yet because I am trying to make it as safe as possible before I start.

      Thanks for your help!!

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      Emily Hayes

      Hi, I have started gathering the required materials and am looking for a good outdoor space to work with casting resin. We have plastic folding tables and I was wondering if I put down wax paper or garbage bags would that protect the table from the resin? My dad thinks that the resin if spilled could melt the table due to the exothermic curing reaction. I also was thinking through the set up and my thought was to set up the table, cover it and then use my silicone molds. For drying and curing I was thinking of using old tupperware or boxes to cover the pieces. The project would stay outside and we live southeast of houston where it is usually hot and humid. Would any of these described conditions cause any problems for my epoxy resin pieces? I am already aware that they may not have as long of a pot time because of the warm temperatures, should I be aware of anything else?

      Thank you,

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        Katherine Swift

        This is a great plan Emily! Wax paper is a great surface to put down to protect your table. Boxes and plastic containers also work great to cover.

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