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    We have had a resin artwork for around 6 years and it has now started to come away from the canvas.
    Is there anything we can do to ‘restock’ the resin back to the canvas? Or how can we repair it?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Gem,

    I wouldn’t expect this to be happening. Is your artwork in direct sunlight or an area that experiences temperature swings?

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    Hi Katherine,

    Thanks for the response. I’m not sure what has caused this to happen. The artwork never gets direct sunlight and whilst is close to a heating vent doesn’t get direct contact and there is never a large change in temperatures. The resin is coming away from the lower corner not the top so I don’t think the vent would be contributing.

    Is there anything you would suggest it reattach the resin back to the canvas to extend the lift of the artwork?

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      Katherine Swift

      Maybe the substrate is what’s warping? You could try applying some resin behind the art and the canvas to act as a glue.

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    Sara Langella

    I am doing a wire wrap on a mineral/stone called turmaline. I have done some resin casing in he past and I am wondering if You can coat it with resin or will it deteriorate the mineral/stone. It is a bit soft and that is why I would like to coat with resin before I wire wrap it. No worries if you don’t know. Or if you have any other ideas of what I should do. Thank you so much!!!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sara,

      I don’t know that you will be able to get a thick enough coating on the tourmaline to help with strength. It’s also going to be hard to put the resin on the stone without it pooling and dripping.

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