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      Katrina Reyes

      I’m a new resiner and will be selling a few items at my local market. I see that allot of people have discovered the ocean and geode technique. If I am going to be selling items like this should I be worried about any copywrite infringements? I just dont want to be 5 years down the line with my creations in local shops and run into these sort of problems.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Katrina,

      First, let me say I’m not an attorney, but here’s how I approach a situation like this.

      This is *your* artistic vision. We are all inspired by many things, including seeing someone else’s work. As long as you are not selling it as ‘lookalike work of artist XYZ’, then you should be safe. Where I think you can run into problems is if you exactly recreate something another artist has trademarked or copyrighted, like a logo.

      Does that help?

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      I’m also fairly new to resin and want to start selling, the moulds I own are pretty basic- some crystal pendant shapes, ovals, book covers etc. And I have some more fun ones like dinosaurs- would these be subject to copyright? They aren’t copyrighted characters or logos but I’m having a hard time finding out about it online. I’d just like to get selling so I can in the future invest in custom dice masters to make my own moulds from and a pressure pot, but I’m not ready to sink more money in for now until I see what the market is like.

      Also making dice jewellery? Would there be a copy right on that due to fonts as I have some pre-made moulds I’ve purchased online.

      I’m sorry about the bombardment of questions, I’d just like another opinion on it.

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