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      Shawna Schink

      Hello! I am new to using resin and purchased your super clear epoxy resin to make some small phone pop sockets in molds. I followed your instructions to use the mold release first and waited for it to dry. I mixed my resin for 3 minutes and was sure to get all edges/bottom of the mixing cup I bought from you as well as the mixing tool several times. I mixed 4 ounces of part a with 2 ounces of part b and put a few ‘found objects’ in the molds with a couple drops of alcohol ink for color. All found items were completely dry. I read the resin should start to cure within 25-30 mins but upon completing my project I noticed it had been about an hour and was still able to drop a few last minute items into my project. Now I am concerned I may have done something incorrectly as I know to completely cure it takes 8-12 hours but should I have been able to drop a few more found items in there at the hour mark? Could the alcohol ink have been the culprit or based off of the information I provided can you tell me if I’m just being impatient as I am a new resin artist and it sounds as though I should have a solid cured project in a few hours? Thank you so much for any guidance you can provide!

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      Shawna Schink

      Also, I should note my room temperature is 72 and not humid! Thank you!

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      Shawna Rae Schink

      Nevermind, I came back after the full 8 hours and they were done!

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        Katherine Swift

        Hi Shawna, I’m glad to hear they cured for you!

        On a side note — are you sure you mixed six ounces (total) at once? I only ask because we only recommend mixing no more than three ounces at once. More than that and the resin can overheat.

        Just curious….

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