Resin curing weirdly

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      Hi everyone,

      I was hoping I could get some help. For fun I like to make resin bits and bobs and until now I’ve only used small moulds. For the first time I’ve used a bigger mould and I’ve found that the next day when it was done curing the outside of the mould was fine but the resin in the middle isn’t shiny, more matt and there is like…waves or lines along the outside of the matt colouring. It’s not cloudy but there’s just no shine to it and it’s only in the middle.

      I’d post a picture but not sure how.

      Was hoping someone could tell me why this might be happening and how/if I can rectify it?

      Thanks so much

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Robyn,

      It sounds like your resin is developing scales? If so, that would be from overheating.

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      There’s a photo of it, if the link works

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      Katherine Swift

      Thanks Robyn, I can see your picture.

      Is that area sticky?
      What kind of resin are you using?

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      Heya, nope it’s not sticky at all. The previous layer did the same thing and I thought it was due to pupping bubbles with a heat gun. However I didn’t use any heat this time!

      It’s epoxy resin, one of the cheaper ones on Amazon


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      Katherine Swift

      It sounds like it’s overheating. Here are a few reasons why that can happen:

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      Amazing, thank you for your help! Its more than appreciated 🙂

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