Resin falling out of bezel over time….

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      Jennifer Johnson

      I create many things with paper, resin, and bezels with backs. Every so often a customer will tell me that after having a piece a for while, months or maybe a few years, that the paper and resin together have fallen out of the bezel. I have tried adding super glue under the paper before pouring resin but it doesn’t seem to help. I seal my paper with Matte Mod Podge. It mostly occurs with bezels that are 25mm or larger. My smaller items never have this problem even though they are exaclty the same other than size. It just seems that after sometime the resin stops holding to the metal. What can I do to ensure they will not fall out over time?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Jennifer,

      It sounds like there’s a coating on the bezel that’s acting as a mold release. Try sanding the inside of the bezel to get fresh metal before using glue.

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