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      Hi team, I typically do river tables and such, however I do use some very nice wood and woodworking into epoxy sculptures at times. These items are typically 12 in to 18 in tall 3 to 4 in deep and 6 inches to 1 ft wide. I have tried to finish these clear pours with a seal coat of epoxy, and while it turns out crystal clear it leaves blotches of epoxy all over the product. Now I am going to have to resend the material, which I do up to 3000 Grit, and try something else. As you can tell, I am new to this part of our passion! I did purchase some of the polishing compounds Katherine mentions here. However after one attempt following the directions it barely cleared the sanding cloudiness off of the item. Hopefully this is an easy one oh, and I appreciate anyone’s input! I may also throw in, that I am considering using my buffering tools for the next go-round but I may wait until I get better input from The Forum. Thanks a lot, David M ( please excuse any grammar issues here as I have spoken this message)

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi David,

      For a high gloss finish, you will need to use a rotary tool and compound. Fabulustre is the one I like to use.

      You can see my results from using it on resin charms here:

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