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       Relatively new to casting resin … does anyone have any techniques for creating small flames?  Thanks! 

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Nicole,

      Do you have a picture of what you are trying to create?

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       Hi Katherine and Nicole!

      Strange things happen! I am just about to do the same thing as Nicole, but probably for other use. I am about to make a tiny mechanism/lamp holder with an LED flame on it, to be easily mounted in the old brass kerosene lamps on very old cars (ca. 1900-1915). The flames avilable on e.g. the flat type of table candles do not look very good, so I wish to make new, better looking ones.
      For this purpose I need a resin or other medium with the following properties:
      – elastic when hardened is good, but not mandatory
      – to be molded into a flame with thin walls (ca. 1-2 mm)
      – that can be colored in a slightly yellowish white tone
      – so durable that it can be handled without getting crushed after hardening
      My intention is to make a metal model of the flame and the inside of it, and with it to produce a mold of gypsum. It is very important that the flame gets a flawless, smooth surface. Traces of mold joints on the finished flame to be ground away.
      I´ll be happy to show how this progresses, but first I´d like your advice and tips for a good result! Can you help, please?
      Kind regards, Per
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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Per,

      I would suggest using the Castin Craft Easy Cast resin.  It is still flexible when cured, especially at that thickness.  Unfortunately though, they wont hold up to the weather elements.  Will your flame be exposed to the weather?

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      Katherine Swift

      Response by Per:

      The flame will not be directly exposed to weather, as it is sitting inside of the lamps. The flame can have a hard surface, elasticity is not important (I just thought it could be good). I have attached som photos to show what I mean to do.

      A. the ridiculous-looking type of flame
      B. I wish to make it more like this one. But tapering slightly also at the bottom.
      C. one type of kerosene lamp.
      D. another type of kerosene lamp.

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      Katherine Swift

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      Katherine Swift