Resin for wire flowers

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Adelina:

      Hi , Is there any type of resin that I can use for wire flowers/ liquid plastic dip flower? Thank you,

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Adelina,

      Any doming resin should work for your purpose.

      Were you hoping to dip the flowers in resin to give them a coating, leaving the ‘petals’ open, or did you want to fill in the petals as well? This is a link to a tutorial showing how to fill in a wire with resin:

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      I also want to dip wire flowers not real flower n yes I want them filled in with epoxy glue .that video is not what I’m looking for I dont want them flat n do not want to use a mold .Also I want low or no smell n very very clear n I know nothing about epoxy resin would love a plastic epoxy resin that let me dip could you help me ty

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