Resin for wire flowers

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Adelina:

      Hi , Is there any type of resin that I can use for wire flowers/ liquid plastic dip flower? Thank you,

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Adelina,

      Any doming resin should work for your purpose.

      Were you hoping to dip the flowers in resin to give them a coating, leaving the ‘petals’ open, or did you want to fill in the petals as well? This is a link to a tutorial showing how to fill in a wire with resin:

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      I also want to dip wire flowers not real flower n yes I want them filled in with epoxy glue .that video is not what I’m looking for I dont want them flat n do not want to use a mold .Also I want low or no smell n very very clear n I know nothing about epoxy resin would love a plastic epoxy resin that let me dip could you help me ty

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      I too am looking for a resin for dipping shaped wire flowers in. The most common product I have seen used for this is called ‘Fantasy Film’, but it’s only available outside the US. Here is a sample of what the finished product looks like

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      Dale Stewart

      If your still looking, I have found this in the US. It works exactly the same as the Dip It from Japan.

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      Vicki K

      I’ve been looking for the same thing. I think I’ve found it. The link is below.

      UV Resin – Hard Thick Ultra Resin Dip is The Perfect Jewelry Glue for Your DIY, Craft Using Resin Molds, Wire Jewelry, Earrings and Rings, Crystal Clear with no Yellowing. Cure UV Light htps://

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