Resin has wrinkles

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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Ann:

      i left a large piece unlevel while curing. product has wrinkles and i want to save pic but add another layer to even out first. can i do this? do i sand entire piece with 80 sandpaper just to get textured surface so new layer sticks? so, minor sanding? do the scratches disappear under new layer? thank you.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Ann,

      I’m sorry to hear you are having problems getting your resin level. Were you using polyester resin by chance? If so, this resin does not self-level. Based upon what you are describing, it sounds like you were trying to apply a glossy coat of resin to a large picture or painting. Polyester resin does not work well for this purpose.

      You could sand it, but it will be quite tedious. You need to start with a coarse grit sandpaper and end with 1000 grit or higher, otherwise, your sanding marks will be visible underneath the new layer of resin.

      My best suggestion would be to level the piece and try again. Depending on how unlevel the resin layer is, you may want to use masking tape to create a dam around the entire perimeter of the piece. That way you can pour another layer of resin and it will hopefully even out.

      If I were to attempt this, I would switch to a doming epoxy resin. It will self-level and should adhere to the polyester. I would recommend the TotalCast resin:

      Good luck!

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      Debbie clack

      Hi can anyone help please when i put the resin over my arcylic pour it is setting with snake like pattern over some of it i have sanded it but still happening.

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      Hi, I used a UV light resin and I’m not sure why even after putting the UV light it is still sticky on top. Now it also have my finger prints and the mold wrinkles ….how can I remove it and shoukd I put in UV light until its not sticky???

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