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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes from Stephen:

      I have casted a couple of my items, the seal where the 2 part molds attach leak resin and my product is only half of what it is suppose to be. Can i re-pour another mixture, will it attach itself to the already cured resin in the mood or will it split apart. What can i do to keep my 2 part holds from leaking?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Stephen,

      Assuming you cast ‘like on like’ (i.e. epoxy on epoxy), another layer should adhere fine.

      You can try using a rubber band to keep the mold pieces together for casting. You can see an example in this video on our youtube channel:

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      bob schwarz

      So, you’re saying I can pour a mold, then I can add items to this mold and pour more of the same type of resin on top and the 2 resins will adhere permanently to the 1st one?

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      Katherine Swift

      Yes, everything should adhere fine.

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