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    I like to paint in acrylic on canvas and I’d like to try making a pendant/cabochon for a necklace using a small acrylic painting (perhaps on canvas paper?) and covered in resin. Is this possible without distorting or smearing the dried acrylic painting underneath? What should I do to prep the painting prior to using resin? Has anyone done this before?
    Thank you!

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Elin,

    I have done this before without sealing the acrylic painting and been happy with the results. I would suggest the TotalCast resin. It is a doming resin and will give a very clear finish.

    I will also ask the manufacturer for their thoughts as well on sealing before pouring the resin.

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    Katherine Swift

    The TotalCast manufacturer says that as long as the acrylic paint is fully dry, you don’t need to seal before pouring the resin.

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    Elin Lewis

    Thank you. That helps!

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    I pour resin over acrylic paintings with resin without sealing the paintings first and they come out beautifully. Good luck!

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    Michele Embry

    Resin over acrylic paint is phenomenal!

    I paint and love what resin does for my canvases. I haven’t tried it on paper yet.

    1-current resin product I use seems to be prone to scratches…any suggestions for a more scratch resistant finish with the total cast resin?
    2-can the total cast resin withstand being mixed with acrylic paint?

    For new users….measure each product in separate containers….mix mix mix

    If ratios are off and/or product is not thoroughly mixed, the product can’t do what it is supposed to do.

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    Katherine Swift

    You are getting scratches with the TotalCast resin? Are you using it on artwork or something else?

    I would expect acrylic paint to work, just know if you add too much there will be curing issues.

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    Michele Embry


    I’m currently using a product that’s not yours.

    I happened to see an ad for your product and was checking out the info.

    I work large pieces and if they are stacked they tend to get scratches.
    Is your resin sctratch resistant or do I have to rake another step?

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    Katherine Swift

    I wouldn’t say that I have put it through a ‘scratch’ test. Let me see what the manufacturer has to say.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Michele,

    This is the manufacturer’s comments:

    It has excellent scratch resistance compared to normal BPA epoxy formulations.

    TotalCAST isn’t scratch-proof but you’ll have to try hard to get it to show scratches just by stacking paintings.

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    Sarah Kerry

    I am using acrylic to paint on slices of wood (had to do something with that tree he cut down) and was wondering which resin would be best for this project.

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