Resin over round polymer beads

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      Katherine Swift

      I haven’t found a non-messy way to do this.  First, I would suggest using the Resin Obsession crystal doming resin. You can buy it in our store here: It will give the thickest coating.

      Next, put the bead vertically onto something thin (toothpick, pin, etc.) that is either wax coated or sprayed with a good mold release.  Vaseline may even work.  Using the toothpick example, put the bead onto the toothpick.  (Hopefully, the bead stops on it at some point.)  Push the toothpick into a base (styrofoam works well).  Brush on the resin and allow it to drip off the bead.  Once cured, take it off the toothpick.  You may have to sand a little resin, but hopefully, it won’t be much.

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      Hi!  Can anyone give help on how to get the resin to go over round polymer clay beads without pooling to one side?

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