Resin pieces smell. How to safely dispose of it

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi C,

      While I cant speak for the hazardous materials collection in your area, the purpose of the one in my area is to collect items like these.  Other hazmat type items have smells as well (paints, solvents, etc.), so I wouldnt expect smell to be a reason they wouldnt take the items.

      If I were going to take these items to a hazmat collection center, I would put the resin pieces in a zip top sealed bag.  You can take the resin containers and packing materials with you as well.  If personnel have a question about whether or not it is something they want to handle, there should be enough information on the box and bottles for them to make a decision. 

      If you are still concerned, I would suggest calling the manufacturer to see what recommendations they may have.

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      Hi, I find this site extremely informative and wonder how to get rid of resin pieces odor. Im really new to making resin charms and all end up as failed pieces but I couldnt throw any away. And I regret this because I made a very huge mistake by keeping fully cured pieces with uncured pieces together in a ziplock bag which I think cause the smell or it must be also the acrylic paint I use as a color for the piece for the uncured resin.

      I really didnt know the uncured pieces were uncured until I open the ziplock bag and find this unpleasant strong smell. I panic and instantly assume it can be toxic to throw away the fully cured resin because the smell infected it.
      How I find out about some of my pieces were uncured is from washing all of them with water and letting them dried in the sun. The fully cured pieces stay solid while drying but the other pieces were sticky while drying. Every pieces still smells. The resin I used is Easy Cast and Im worried to death that my local hazardous waste center wont accept it. The smell is whats bugging me the most from throwing the fully cured ones away. I worried that my local hazardous waste center wont accept the uncured ones either. I really dont want to keep my fail pieces anymore and want to safely dispose of all of them without harming the environment.
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      I would like to start using resin products but how do you get rid of it when finished

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