Resin Polishing and cloudiness/spots

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      ugh!  Im having so much trouble getting a shiny finish on my resin!  Ive had to sand some pieces, and cant get the cloudiness to go away!  Ive tried Novus 3 step polishing compound with no success, turtle wax polish and scratch remover, and the resin sealing spray.  The resin spray brings the shine back, but leaves a dotted/uneven surface that I dont like.  Of course, if I sand it off Im back to where I started.

      Ive also had issues with my most recent pieces having a water-spot looking film all over them.  Could that be from using too much mold release, or not allowing it to dry before pouring?

      Ive been using Little-windows resin.  Are these issues due to the brand of resin or am I just doing something wrong? 


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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sarah,

      Here are a few of my thoughts about what youre experiencing:

      I think the Novus and turtle wax work well when your surface is perfectly smooth.  Its not going to do anything to get deep scratches or surface holes.  As you have found out too, the spray makes things really glossy.  It fills in these holes a little better, but still wont do them perfect if the surface isnt completely smooth.  How are you sanding your pieces?  I like to start with a 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper and work my way down all the way to a 1500 grit.  I find that if I dont end up with sandpaper that fine, the surface is uneven from the sanding action and the gloss compounds wont give me the results I want.

      As for the water spots, if you dont let the mold release dry before pouring the resin, you will get spots on your final castings.

      I dont have any experience with Little Windows resin, but I am inclined to think its a technique issue, not a problem with the resin at this point.  You could also try recoating your resin pieces with another layer of Little Windows and see if that works.  Sometimes another layer of resin is the best choice to fill in imperfections that are difficult to sand out.

      Good luck!

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      I have been reading through a couple of posts re sanding and polishing resin objects.
      I am experiencing the same cloudy look with some pieces.

      How would I go about coating my spherical pieces with resin again?


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      Rebeca Perez

      Hello all!
      So I’ve just gotten into making uv resin jewelry since December and I’ve been having trouble with sanding and polishing. I sand from 400 to 1500 grit and use flitz polish and microfiber. For sanding, I sanded with each grit for about 30 seconds to a minute and I polish with the paste and microfiber firmly for about 20 seconds. I have issues with my resin pieces still coming out a bit hazy instead of shiny no matter how many times I buff it. What could be the problem?

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      Becky Morris

      Ahhh this is soo annoying. I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. I sand well with wert/dry 400-1500grit per. Then polish with turtle wax and microfibre cloth. But the result is always cloudy. It’s so frustrating. I watched a bunch of YouTube video tutorials and I never get the same result in the vids

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