Resin pour on sloping surface

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      richard markham

      I want to pour a coat of resin over a painted frame, which is made from MDF. Problem is that after painting the MDF bows. The frame is circular so the bow is inwards. The inner circle is about 2mm lower than the outer circle.

      To add to the issues, the surface of the MDF is very resistant to maskig tape so I can’t fit a dam to the inner edge.

      I’d like a domed finish.

      If I just pour it on, the resin drips off the inner edge and pulls away from the outer edge.

      I am thinking that I need to pour a narrow band of resin around the inner edge first and let it partially cure to form a retaing edge, then pour in the rest once the inner pour has stopped moving about?

      Any other ideas?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Richard,

      I think that’s a good way to approach it. Let the resin get quite thick before pouring so it doesn’t move as much.

      This is the resin I would use:

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