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      I have a few questions on resin usage.I will be starting to use resin and I am worried that my parents will be exposed to the fumes, but I live in a small apartment and I can only work very close to the open door and open windows in the living room with a desk fan, I have no porch, but they like to be in the living room as well, yet my resin states “no VOC’s and low odor”, can my parents be in the same room but be a few feet away while I work on resin?Another question I had is, how can I cure resin indoors in my small apartment? and finally my last question is, it is safe to wash resin off molds in my bathroom sink and also can I dispose the sticks I used with resin in my trash or shall I immediately dispose of it in my outside apartment trash bin when I am finished?

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Allison,

      I’m so glad to hear that you are taking resin safety seriously. I wish everyone did!

      Unfortunately, it’s hard to say exactly what’s safe for every situation. We have several safety articles that will give you a lot of information which you can then use to make your resin area as safe as possible for everyone. You can read them here:

      Once resin is cured, it’s safe to put in your household trash. That means you can throw away mixing supplies or wash molds in your sink.

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