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      Katherine Swift

      This question comes through email by Lauren:
      I looked through the blog but couldnt find an answer to my question…
      If the epoxy resin is clear and the hardener is yellow, will it dry super clear?  Im putting pennies inside and want to keep the colour accurate.  
      Also, I was going to do it inside under my stovetop vent fan, is that safe enough?  Or should I go outside?
      Thank you for the awesome website!

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Lauren,

      The yellower the hardener, the more likely your resin is to cure with a yellow tint.  Some resins are more prone to this than others.  My suggestion is to only purchase enough resin that you can comfortably use within 6 months. 

      As for the vent, it depends on the kind of resin you are using.  With epoxy resin, that is probably sufficient.  Other resins require safety respirators.  If youre unsure, I would suggest checking with the manufacturer for their recommendations.

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