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    Is Master Cast resin safe to use with teenagers?

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    Katherine Swift


    In general, I am cautious with any resin with teenagers. If you are working with teenagers that understand safety precautions and can be aware of following the precautions, you are probably okay to work resin with them. Are you asking because you have a couple you want to work with or are you working with a class?

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    Radin Modhem

    Hi there!
    Could you tell the epoxy is safe to use at home with kids and pets running around?

    I have safety worries recently when I start making some crafts with epoxy resin. I have some little grandkids and dogs, they often running around while I am working. I want to make sure the epoxy doesn’t affect their health.
    I bought epoxy resin from LongVuResin (I found them via Youtube). I did make some crafts with LongVuResin products. They told me that their epoxy is non-toxic. But I still so worry, even though, they emailed me some links to guide how to mix epoxy and safe certifications.

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    Hi there, I’m new to this group I’m concerned about using epoxy also, I have been using it in my spare bedroom which is now my art studio. But I have recently tried a new resin and even though I ws wearing a half mask respirator I had a face reaction. & 6weeks on I still have it slightly! I have ordered a tent to put in my summer house but I don’t know what exhaust extraction fans to get? Can you advise please??

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