Resin sealers in UK

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    I’ve been working with resin to create small pendants for jewellery. Some of them have set perfectly, but others have remained tacky and get covered in fingerprints. I looked through your site and found the suggestion for using a resin sealer spray, which sounds like it might solve the problem- I’ve also been looking at how to set fresh flowers in resin and this also requires the spray. But so far I can’t find any resin spray available online in the UK. There are restrictions on posting stuff like this overseas from America so the sites that do offer UK shipping are really expensive. I was wondering if you knew of any alternatives I might be able to find in Britain?

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Hatty, as an alternative, you can try an clear, acrylic based aerosol spray.

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    Oh my god, thank you. I’ve spent hours searching for what to use…all the post I saw was use a sealant…it wasn’t helpful. This is. Thanks.

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    Look on Amazon. They have a bunch of different ones.

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