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      I used “Platinium premium epoxy”, deep casting 2:1. I made a small coffee table using hardwood. Two piece of a slab with a gap in the middle (gap: 50mm deep, 1m long for an average width of 75mm). The idea is to make it looks like a river (blue tint). The curing time is 2 days but after 4 days is still rubbery (When i push hard with my finger i can sinck 2 mm). Therefore I can’t sand it properly up to 1200. Temperature in workshop between 17 deg the night and 24 the day. High humidity (I’m in Cairns, North Australia, tropical climate). No bubbles, the wood was dry (less than 10% humidity). The mix was right, I mixed it by hand and tip it in a container to be mixed again. Any chance it will get harder in the next few days?

      Thanks for your help.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Mat,

      I have not used this brand of epoxy. Unfortunately, it is unlikely the resin will harden more since you are past the cure time.

      Have you used this brand before? What did you use to color it?

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      Katherine Swift

      This article explains some reasons why your resin is rubbery:

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