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      I’m new to resin and have an issue with sanding.

      Once my piece is cured, I pull it out and sand the sides and sometimes the odd edges that might be a little wonky, when I do this I end up sanding off the nice shiny outer layer. If I sand enough I can sand it all off and make the piece matte but I’m wanting it to be shiny.

      How do I sand off my rough edges without removing the top layer of shine, I’ve watched a million vides but don’t understand how to fix this aside from doing another thin layer of resin overtop. I’ve tried various metal cleaning agents as suggested in various videos but this doesn’t bring the sanded areas back to their previous shine.

      Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

      Best, Tobie

      I am using Amazing Resin.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Tobie,

      You will want to sand and finish with a 1000 grit or higher sandpaper. I like to end with these finishing papers ( They get my pieces as close to shiny as possible. After using the papers, I like to use the Novus polishing kit which gets them a little more shine as well.

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      What about spraying it with clear acrylic spray after sanding with a fine grit? Would that bring back a high shine?

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        Katherine Swift

        Yes, but you will want to be sure you end with a 1000 grit or higher sandpaper. Otherwise, you will still see ‘frostiness’ underneath the spray.

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          If I don’t want to lose the shine, which grit should I start with? Would I use these polishing papers to start? Thank you.

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            Katherine Swift

            You can, but papers that fine aren’t going to take off any resin. If you have rough edges, or need to take off a lot of resin, you will need to start with a coarse sandpaper.

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      Rahul Bhasin

      Hi , please Suggest the resin name and company making the resin along with it’s contact details.

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      Joni Bratton

      You will need to use wet sand pads starting with a course grit and progressively move to a finer grit. For a mirror like shine you can go up to an 8,000 or 12,000 grit.

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      I have found a new way to sand and buff. I had problems getting my pieces back to shinny as well. After sanding off the edges I used a nail buffer that makes nails shinny and buffed the frosty look back off, and my pieces are now shinny again. I used one of those multiple sided nail buffers where the grit gets smaller and smaller as you sand with each side. Worked like a dream!

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