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    Katherine Swift

    This question comes through email by Rose:

    Hi I have recently decorated a number of glazed ceramic tiles with various mediums (acrylic paints, enamel paints, glass paints as well as alcohol inks and resists such as crayon and liquid glue).  Ive been looking for the best method of sealing / protecting them for the purpose of outdoor (decorative) use. One line of inquiry has lead me to world of resin and your website (which is awesome by the way). Although I was unable to find an article that related specifically to my situation I was convinced that of all the people offering advice on the subject you were the authority.
    Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

    Ive included some pictures of the tiles in the hopes that it provides you with some idea of what Im working with.

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    Katherine Swift

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    Katherine Swift

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Rose,

    Beautiful tiles!  The dilemma here is to find a resin that is protective, but doesn’t yellow.  Unfortunately, all resin is going to yellow with time. Exposure to UV light hastens this process.

    If you decide to display your tiles indoors, I recommend Alumilite Amazing clear cast epoxy resin (blue box): Since its an epoxy, I cant recommend it for outside use, but it would work well for what you’re doing.

    Good luck!

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    Lisa Wexhler

    I have painted a mural on ceramic tiles. I used Gesso as a primer before painting. I could really use some advise on the best sealer. The tiles are not in direct sunlight but are exposed to the sun. thank you

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