Seeking Help For My Mom

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      Hey everyone! My name is Autumn Rose I am 14 years old. Please dont let my age effect you nor let how long this email is upset you or make you not want to read it. Its long because I need to be as explanitive as possible so you understand the task at hand, get the entire picture of whats happening and what Im trying to accomplish. Its a huge task and the biggest thing IVE EVER DONE. I was wondering if you could possibly help me. I dont know what else to do. You guys are my last hope! See my Moms going thru a very hard timw. Her chemo treatments make her quite sick but even tho shes going thru a tough time, Mom is still everything youd want in a Mom, and MORE! Shes a great wife, Mom, and all around super awesome wonderful person! Shes been working with polymer clay, resin and many other stuff for like a long time, and thus far shes has been quite successful at selling her creations but that has haulted. Its her passion and something she worked so very hard to do. Unfortunatly she very limited on what she can do finically and has hit a stall. Times are really very difficult right now for my family and seem to be at there worst but reguardless all that my Moms always helping with everything and helping everyone no matter how weak or tired she is. My mom is like the moms kids dream of having, or the best friend you always wanted. She does everything for my dad, me, my brother and sister. She always puts us ahead of herself. If we had a dollar left and she knew someone else needed it more than us she would give it to them. Shes such a good, kind, caring and loving person. Now my Mom needs help and theres nobody helping her. I said were struggling with money. Her treatments and medications are very expensive. Dads the only one working. Lately things have been so really very very rough. Mom has been going thru some intense treatments to help make her better. Its been doing bad stuff to her body, but no matter how sick she is shes ALWAYS doing what she needs to do as a Mom, a wife, and still creates art. She use to be all smiles and positivity. She tries to happy and strong for us kids but Ive seen that smile fading and it dont come around nearly as often as it use to. Shes been just sad a lot. She dont know I know this but at nights I can hear her crying. So Im trying to do something for my mom. I know she loves creating art, but shes running out of supplies and we cant afford them. I seen her notebook of stuff she needs and what she wants to do and that is starting a youtube channel where she will be doing tutorials on polymer clay, resin and other crafts. My Mom wants to help others be creative. Like my mom always says, “you dont have to be a talented artist to create any kind of art. All you need is imagination, and determination!” She wants to inspire others so much. Its been her passion to inspire others but make it fun, funny, and exciting! So Ive been wanting to do something special for her. I cant buy her any supplies cuz Im only 14 and where I live, there are no jobs for kids that young. I just want to be able to help her for once like she always helps me. I want to be able to achieve something so wonderfully fantastic for my Mom. Mom always puts herself last and nows my time to put mom 1st. Ive gotta do something to help her brighten her spirits! I love her so much and she really needs this. So Im here writing you guys to ask you if theres anything that can be done to help her. Im looking for color and clear uv resin, resin ball molds in many sizes, polymer clay and a polymer clay machine thing that flattens it. It reminds me of a pasta machine but I dont know if its called that or not. She cant make the clay soft by her hands anymore she just dont have the strength. Im just kinda looking for anything I can get for her…I just dont know how. I tried contacting Sculpy vut they were or no help. I know theres gotta be a way I canhelp Mom. Ive tried sculpey, that was a failure. I trued gofundmeand that was aj entire flop, and now writing on here this is my last try. I just dont know what to do. Again Im only 14. Its taking a lot for me to do this. I am kind of scared because thus far Ive had bad luck tryi g to achieve these tasks for NMom, but its worth it to ask for help for Mom and there might be a chance there might be someone out there willing to help. So that is why Im writing here today… I pray and hope Im going about this right. Anything anyone can do or any advice/secrets or ways you guys have to be avle to help me would be ever so much appreciative and a godsend! My appologies again for this being so long. I had to make sure I explained the situation entirly. Thanks so much and God Bless!
      Yours Truly,
      Autumn Rose

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Autumn,

      It sounds like things are very stressful for you and your family right now. I’m sorry you are going through this.

      I’m not clear on what you want to do here. In one or two sentences, can you explain how we can help?

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