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      I need a recommendation for a resin for a deep pour and bubbles are my concern. The resin will be staying inside of the clear glass sphere I pour it into (I’m not casting an object to be removed from a mold) My goal is to encase a small figurine within clear resin inside the sphere (the sphere was originally a terrarium/fish bowl so it has an opening in the top) The figurine will be the only object within the sphere. I will need to pour 28 fluid ounces of resin in a single shot to a depth of about 4”. Length of the drying time is not a concern. Thanks in advance for the time you spend assisting customers select the correct product for their specific application.

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Sam,

      You have two problems here:

      1. Pouring 4 inches of resin at once is going to generate a lot of heat which you will have to manage.
      2. Resin and glass will contract and expand at different rates. Assuming you do pour all 4 inches and 28 ounces of resin at once, there is a good chance your glass will crack.

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