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      Am trying to source a smallish paperweight mold about 2.5 inch diameter preferably
      I want it to un mound with a smooth shiny surface as a dome seems  almost impossible for me to re coat to get that shiny finished surface if I use a normal mold. I am thinking that silicone might be the go.
      Does anyone know where I might source this- know I could make my own but dont currently have the rubber or a good perfect positive mold for this kind of size.
      Does anyone have any suggestions – would be much appreciated

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Deb,

      Somehow, you need to get a template for what you want.  I’m thinking something with glass or a very smooth porcelain surface.  Cut acrylic sheet or block could also work.  Sometimes home improvement stores have this size and will cut for you.You could also look into having someone carve one out of wax for you (think jewelry making wax carvers).  Make sure you specify you want a bright, shiny surface, which will require a certain wax and certain techniques. 

      Once you have your wax model, you can use it to make a silicone mold from.  You can use the Alumilite High strength #2 or #3 to make your mold. You can find them in our store here:

      Otherwise, you could use a plastic mold that creates the shape you want, then glaze it with more resin or use resin gloss sealer spray to get it a shiny finish:

      We have several shapes of paperweight molds here:

      Good luck!

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