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      Hello Team,

      I am in the beginning stages of buying different products to create resin art pieces. I have been looking at a few website and i am unclear of what types of paints you can and cannot mix into Resin to create different colours variations and styles. My question is ” Are you able to mix solvent based paints into resin, or do they have to be water-based? ” i am wanting to experiment with Pebeo Fantasy paints and from everything i have read so far it looks like you must use the paint first and then layer the resin on top of it once it has dried. Can anyone help with this please??

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      Katherine Swift

      Hi Samantha,

      For the best results, I recommend using colors designed specifically for resin. Resin hates moisture, so other colorants such as paints, can keep the resin from curing. With that in mind, I certainly think it can be fun to experiment with other colorants. You can see my results here using some items I found around the studio: I haven’t used the Pebeo based paints or a solvent based paint. I have used alcohol inks, however, and been mostly happy with the results.

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      Katherine Swift

      This article gives advice on how to color epoxy resin:

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