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    Abby Stevens

    Hello there, I am a very new person to UV resin. This past Sunday I worked all day making my first piece, and it looks wonderful! My only problem is: it’s really sticky. It’s been sitting on wax paper for 4 days and everytime I touch it and pick it up it’s sticky. I did however use powdered latex gloves for the project, but only for a short time I don’t know if any powder actually got into the resin, which I now know can have an effect. I also didn’t use a UV light to cure it, rather I used sunlight, which it was cloudy that day but nonetheless should’ve cured in 20-40 mins. I’d really appreciate someone’s help!

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Abby,

    It sounds like it didn’t get enough light. It’s been my experience that cloudy days don’t provide enough UV light for UV resin to cure.

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    Debbie Crooks

    I used a small uv light and still sticky. Any thoughts?

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