Thanks for the GREAT tops!


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      Teresa Siuda

      Hi Katherine…just wanted to say that your new website looks awesome! And, wanted to thank you for the video on how to clean the re-useable 10 oz. plastic measuring cups. Just what I was looking for 🙂 You are always so professional and helpful. I am definitely a fan!

      Thanks again,

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      Teresa Siuda

      Sorry about the title…meant to say “thank for the great tips!


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      Alejandra Barros

      Thank You for your emails, Im actually new in this my main problem is the bubbles. I cant get rid of them I think theres is a machine you can put your pieces in to dry that actually get rid of the bubbles or am I making this up?? Do you have any tips for me..also how do i get the resin off of my hands and the rubber molds?… thanks for your time

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      Katherine Swift

      @Alejandra, what kind of resin are you using?

      Baby wipes are good for getting resin off your hands and molds.

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      Lenna Vialla

      Great information! Keep me posted.

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      Carter Huff

      Keep me posted.

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