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      Hello my fellow resin-istas!!! I have been trying for quite sone time, to no avail, to find a resin “tile” mold. To make a square resin tile. I did buy a cement tile mold. BUT I am worried it is made of the wrong type of plastic and resin will just stick to it, so I have not tried it yet as I do not want to waste my precious resin! I cannot find a silicone square mold big enough for the job in any store. And I have searched! Even searching baking/cake making departments. So does anyone know of anywhere online that may have the right size? I am not even sure what the dimensions of your average square resin tile are… so anyone out there who makes resin tiles, or owns a tile mold, PLEASE SEND HELP!!!! lol ? thanks in advance to anyone who comments ?

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      Maybe you can purchase a silicone mold making kit and make a mold to the size tile you like.

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