Trying to Find Clear Blank Film For Resin Crafts.

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      I wasn’t sure where to put my topic, so I decided to try here.

      When doing resin crafts I like adding a special touch. By using clear film for UV resin, which you can find everywhere with many different designs.

      However, I’m at a point where I’d like to start using my own designs. Though, I can’t find blank clear film for UV resin I can use in my home printer anywhere.

      Am I possibly missing something or is there a chance anyone might know of some clear printable paper that’d be good for resin crafts?

      I’d very much appreciate some leads. I’m really excited to start adding my own art into projects.

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      Katherine Swift

      I like to get my designs printed on clear transparency film at the copy store for situations like this.

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      Betsy Kristl

      This transparency film from Graphix has always worked well for me, though there are other companies that make it. I think Walgreens (of all places) carries their own brand in store…


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