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    Diana khan

    If you go on Instagram look for: brilliantaqua

    She does wonderful pouring art and her art contains this lace effect you’re looking for. if you read the comments for today’s art video it said she had purchased silicone from Amazon. She is a very nice artist who shares and answers your questions. I find her work inspirational and has the “awe” effect, I love her.

    Thank you


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    Mark Boyle

    You were asking about the lacing effect in resin art i dont know if youve worked out how but its created with white resin overlayed on another color benath and the white is hit with a blowtorch. It is also encouraged to do this by placing a lacing powder into the white too.
    Ask at your art supplies for it

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    Victor He

    Mark Boyle, I am a beginner too. There are lots of types of color or inks out there, like Acrylic, Pigment, Alcohol. Any of these types can have better result on the lacing effect? or we need to lay one type of ink and another? I am very confused what type of color I should buy.

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    I do a lot of acrylic pouring and am recently getting into resin pouring as well. Try adding a few drops of silicone oil to every cup of colored resin EXCEPT white before you pour. Mix very well. Be sure white is poured onto your canvas last, as white is the heaviest pigment. You can buy silicone oil anywhere- it’s just WD-40.

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    It’s one hundred percent silicone oil you make sure kryllyk paint with a little bit of Dawn dish soap and water spray or trip the silicone oil in it Stir It for it and use a torch to bring out the waist effect took me forever to figure it out

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    Where you able to test out using the silicone oil with the Resin? What type of affect did it give you?

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    Muriel Austin

    Hi there i mix denatured alcohol with the paint and resin then pour colors seperately move colors around then use a torch and watch the magic happen

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    Jacinta walker

    Try silicone spray, it works a treat.

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    Deborah Voso

    Could you email the information you found on lacing

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    Deborah Voso

    Art Resin

    Humidity makes a difference

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    Lynda Lougheed

    Use silicone oil or try resi-blast for cells. There’s a you tube video on resiblast. Also Danny Clark has videos on creating cells, has to do with the density of paint.

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    Zachary Johnston

    If you can’t get the lace effect to work with the resin you’re coloring, you may try to just do an acrylic dirty pour with some pouring medium and silicone oil (pour your other colors into the white, so that it’s last on your surface), torch it and then cover the finished and dried piece with a clear coat of epoxy resin. This also gives the final piece a nifty layered effect. I’m still trying to figure out the chemistry with resin, but I’ve had great results using acrylics and pouring medium. Good luck!

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    Louise Steyn

    I have just done an experiment which worked well enough for me. I dropped a few drops of mould release into my white colour and got a lot of life! Dont know how to post a picture here yet.

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    Chris Wilson

    Hello Karen use a product called art oil. Just a drop goes a long way.

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    Chris Wilson

    Hello Karen use resin oil for the lace affect. Only a drop is necessary goes a long way. Enjoy.

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