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    I’m looking to make some different types of jewelry and art with resin and am wondering if EasyCast would be okay for casting a deeper resin piece such as a pendulum or pyramid of resin.
    It seems like “Resin Obsession Super Clear Resin 6 oz kit – jewelry quality resin” would be ideal, but easycast is more affordable. Any advice would be very appreciated. I’ve never used resin before.

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    Katherine Swift

    Hi Tessa,

    Yes, theoretically you could use EasyCast to do this project, but I wouldn’t for a couple of reasons:

    1. Even when fully cured, it is still relatively soft.
    2. It mixes thick, so bubbles are going to be difficult to get out, especially since this sounds like this is a deep pour.

    Have you looked at the larger kits of super clear resin? They are more affordable per ounce:


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